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    Dear Visitor,

    Please note that Autentical is not an agency – you cannot enquire or book with us. We provide information about authentic experiences and unique properties – and refer you to the places you can book them, e.g. Your.Rentals,, other platforms or directly with the house owners.

    When possible we recommend you to book through Your.Rentals because it is the best booking platform for the little undiscovered ‘secret’ places. Your.Rentals is the preferred system for owners of unique and authentic places – they present their places there themselves and decide on the conditions themselves.

    For properties that are not on Your.Rentals we refer you to booking them through

    For other issues you can contact us on this contact form.

    MichaelMichael Madsen, Autentical


    Finca El Arpa
    Apartado de correos 60
    E-29320 Campillos, Malaga
    Tel.: +34 951 24 25 29