Build your own business – doing what you love to do!


Are you also convinced that people have had enough of the masses of tourists? Enough of overcrowded sites? That there will be a landslide tendency of escaping the hordes in search for local, unique and authentic experiences far away from all the tourists?

Join the innovative AUTENTICAL network and create your own business from home. As local partner you describe the little secrets about your destination – all the exiting and truly authentic experiences that you have had yourself while living there. This is what the people want – and this is what you know about. Share your knowledge – and make a living by doing so. As more people use the site and book with you, it becomes a stable income – and it can even become a really good business for you!

You describe both authentic experiences and authentic accommodation. Both of which will attract authenticity-hungry travellers to your site – and the latter makes you a commission when people book it. It will take time to build a good business that you can live from, but since it has no costs – other than your time – it will be profitable from the first booking going through.

No financial investment is necessary, but a lot of time and effort must be invested into building the site and business.

Requirements for local partners:

  • Minimum 3 years living on site
  • Non-native (only foreigners can identify truly authentic experiences)
  • Plenty of time available to invest in the business
  • Curiosity and interest in local living
  • Keen on telling stories/sharing experiences

Please see further details on the AUTENTICAL Network page here.